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Whether you’re trying to reach one specific demographic, or you’re trying to reach the heart and soul of the entire multicultural market: Motivate moves your message in ways you never even knew were possible.

We’ve developed strategic, technological, philosophical, creative-ological processes in order to reach the multitudes. Your multicultural budget, strategy and message are all different than the rest of your marketing plan. You cannot speak to a Latino market the same way you might to, say, an African American market, or to Elderly Men, or to Jewish Women, or to Navy Lieutenants, or to Asian teens, or to….

That’s a lot of different voices.

You can’t reach them all through the same channels either. There are thousands of specialty publications, tens of thousands of multimedia outlets and millions of messaging opportunities that most marketers don’t even know exist.

But we do. It’s all we do. Learn more at MediaToMotivate.com


May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

on May 1, 2012 Asian and Tags: , , , , , , , , , with 0 comments

In 1992, Congress declared Asian Pacific American Heritage to be a month long celebration to commemorate two important milestones in Asian/Pacific American history: the arrival in the United States of the first Japanese immigrants (May 7, 1843) and contributions of Chinese workers to the building of the transcontinental railroad, completed May 10, 1869. Today, the […]

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

on September 12, 2011 Asian and Tags: , , , , , with 0 comments

The Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, which is in September. The festival is the second most important festival after the Spring Festival to the East Asians. Every year, when the festival comes people go home from every corner of the country and the world to meet […]

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on July 14, 2011 The 411 and Tags: , , , , with 0 comments

The going back-to-school season starts in August whereby summertime will be winding down and vacations will be coming to an end. Parents and children alike scan the newspapers and websites looking for sales to shop for a multitude of school supplies, clothing and essentials. Reaching the multicultural market during this season is crucial because they […]

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Census 2010 Updates (CA, AZ, IL, TX and more…)

on April 8, 2011 The 411 and Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , with 0 comments

Last set of data from the 2010 US Census population and demographic characteristics on California, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, Missouri and Louisiana.

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Multicultural Mobile Marketing

on July 28, 2010 Uncategorized and Tags: , , , , , , , , with 0 comments

Mobile is the industry buzz word. PEW Research Center’s recent Mobile Access 2010 study reveals the increased ownership of mobile device among U.S. adults – 82% owns a mobile device.   The latest tracking survey based on cell phone users conducted by the study shows that African-Americans and Latinos continue to outpace Whites in their use […]

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EPMG Debuts Asian Competitive Reporting

on July 28, 2010 Press Releases and Tags: , , , , , , , , , , with 0 comments

EPMG has launched its Asian Competitive Reporting tool, an up-to-date competitive reporting of top Asian publications. The Asian Competitive Reporting is an important tool that allows EPMG’s clients to gain the competitive edge in the Asian market by keeping track of what their competitors have been up to and players that has been investing their media dollars in the market.

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EPMG Expands its Multicultural Expertise to the Asian Market

on June 28, 2010 Press Releases and Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , with 0 comments

EPMG launches new Asian Division to tap into the diverse Asian market.

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Economic “Crisis” Spells Opportunity for Multicultural Media Advertising

on April 24, 2009 Asian and Tags: , , , , , with 0 comments

The Chinese word for “crisis” is composed of two different characters: “danger” and “opportunity.” In these economic hard times, it may be particularly hard to see any opportunity when many industries and organizational sectors are experiencing a crisis with large budget cuts, falling profits, and increased staff cuts. However, opportunity is alive and well with […]

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